A Message from the Founder

Kostag Tito, Founder of PSMP

Kostag Tito, Founder & Chairman of the Board

When Precision Screw Machine Products opened its doors in 1960, we had two automatic screw machines operating out of a garage - and one clear business goal: total satisfaction for every PSMP customer. That was a big challenge for our new company, but it's a challenge we've grown with for over three decades. During that time we've delivered thousands of top quality, on time, on budget jobs for customers all over New England, the United States, and even around the world. That's a whole generation - a lifetime - of work. We've grown because we value long term relatioships over short term profit. And even though we're now housed in an 18,000 square foot facility with over thirty automatic screw machines, plus a state-of-the-art CNC department, we still offer the same kind of personal service you'd have found if you'd have stopped by our garage in 1960. That's what you'd expect from a family-owned New England company, and that's what you get from PSMP.Every customer. Every job.

We're able to give good service because we realize that the heart of our company is our workers, not our machines. We've found that when you hire people with character and skill, and treat them like family, things like quality and on time delivery take care of themselves. Because we go the extra mile for our people, they do the little things that make your job exactly right. Every time.

Loyalty given and loyalty returned with our employees and with our customers is what our company is all about. We want you to become a long term partner in profit with us as we begin a new generation of growth and service. We want you to become a part of the PSMP family.

Kostag Tito, 1993